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Golden Laser Europe B.V., as a subsidiary of Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd, was established in the Netherlands with a technical service center to provide laser service throughout Europe.

Golden Laser is an integrated industrial and commercial that provides mid-to-high-end laser machines for the global market. As a laser solution provider with over 20 years of experience, we have constantly innovated in laser tubes, sheet metal cutting, automation, and laser robots. As one of the leading laser machine manufacturers, We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and digitizing systems for processing tubes and sheet metal.

We are there for you. GoldenLaser Europe B.V. can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. We support you and are committed to your satisfaction.

You always have a local contact dedicated to you.

Your Best Choice for Metal Processing

Golden Laser specializes in manufacturing fiber laser machines for sheet metal, laser tube cutting machines, laser welding machines, automation laser solutions, and more.

  • 4 pneumatic chucks
  • 3D laser cutting
  • Tubes up to Ø 17.7″ (450mm)
  • Max tube length 12m
  • For structural material
  • 3000W- 12000W

  • 3D swivel laser head
  • ±45° beveling laser cutting
  • Tube ∅ range min. 0.78″ (20mm) – max. 13.77″ (350mm)
  • Auto feeder and collector
  • 1500W- 6000W

  • Ultra high-speed
  • 2D laser cut
  • Born for small diameter tubes
  • Tube ∅ Range min. 0.39″ (10mm) – max. 4.72″ (120mm)
  • 1500W- 4000W

  • Large format, work areas up to 118″ x 472″ (3,000 x 12,000mm)
  • Power up to 30kW
  • Simultaneous axis acceleration 2g

  • 2D laser cutting mode
  • Pull-out single worktable
  • W3000mm* L1500mm woking size
  • More space saving
  • High security protection

  • Hydraulic lifting workbench
  • Equipped with storage tower
  • Unmanned loading and unloading
  • Supports connection to MES system and integration into your automated production factory
  • 2D or 3D laser cutting mode
  • Bevel laser head optional
  • Segmented modular workbench supports customized sizes
  • Lenth up to 40 meters
  • Power up to 30kW
  • 2D and 3D laser cutting mode
  • Dual-uses for sheet and tube
  • 6-axis lasers
  • Power up to 3000W
  • ABB, FANUC, Stäubli

  • Integrated laser welding, cleaning, cutting
  • Portable
  • Power up to 3000W

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The Right Solution for Every Application

Our experience will drive your success. We specialize in laser cutting and welding solutions for various applications.

Free Material Testing

Need Laser Service?

We’d love to hear from you and help you reach your business goals. Please fill out the form below to send us a message or talk to your laser experts directly over the phone.


Magnesiumstraat 19, 6031 RV Nederweert, Netherlands.


+31 40 20 92 448

Why professionals choose GoldenLaser Europe?

Golden Laser Europe supplies a One-stop laser service. The most significant difference between us and other laser suppliers is our strong customization capabilities and ability to provide tailor-made laser solutions. In addition to the variety of laser cutting machines and laser welding machines, Golden Laser also provides world-class support services, including machine operator training, laser machine servicing, breakdown assistance, spare parts, and so on.

Flexible Customization Scheme
Continuous Innovation

Professional R&D team

Optimal Support Service

What Golden Laser Can Do For You

The uninterrupted operation of the customer’s production process is one of Golden Laser’s essential goals. A powerful line of laser machines is available for your selection. We have laser cutting machines for sheet metal, laser tube cutting machines, automated laser solutions, and laser welding machines that assist in bolstering your production process.

Laser Machines

From sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines to pipe laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, and then to customized laser machines, we provide one-stop services.

Lead time

2-3 Weeks

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Product assembly


Local Service

Our dedicated support department provides the most comprehensive laser service in Europe. Available 24/7, prevent machine downtime and always get the best possible results from your processes.

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Sales Service


Laser Accessories

we stock a wide range of spare parts for all machine types, including laser cutting machines and laser welding machines.

Fiber laser source

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Laser head

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Laser ceramic body

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Golden Laser Headquarters

Golden Laser develops and manufactures nearly 100 types of fiber laser machines in 9 series, including fiber laser cutting machines,

laser tube cutting machines, laser sheet and tube cutting machines, 3d robot laser cutting machines,

laser welding machines, automated laser solution, etc.

View GoldenLaser Europe

Operating from a branch office in Eindhoven, with extensive showroom facilities for you to see how our laser machines work, we sell the latest sheet laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, laser welding machine, and innovative automation solutions.

Available 24/7 supply-chains

We have been recognised as the European leading retail design consultancy for over two decades, pioneering category defining retail experiences for many of the world’s most progressive brands.


We Equip You With More Than Just Laser Machines

GOLDENLASER EUROPE expertly adapts to industry challenges by enhancing your team’s machine performance and flexibility with customer service, spare parts, training services.

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    Customer Service    

Customer Service

Enhance machine efficiency with our online or field service providing comprehensive support focused on routine, preventive, and emergency operations.

    Spare Parts    

Spare parts 

Most laser accessories can be ordered online and shipped directly from the Netherlands, to meet emergencies with your laser machine.

    On-site Training  

On-site Training

Our specialists carefully examine every aspect of your operations to improve production. On-site training, equipment installation, and more detailed services.

    Visit Showroom    

Visit Showroom

Get to know each other face to face.

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Need Laser Service?

We’d love to hear from you and help you reach your business goals. Please fill out the form below to send us a message or talk to your laser experts directly over the phone.


Magnesiumstraat 19, 6031 RV Nederweert, Netherlands.


+31 40 20 92 448

Multiple patents and successful projects expands our network of industry clients while consistently meeting a large annual quota for over 100 regions.

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