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EcoFlex “F” Series

Cost-Effective Laser Tube Cutting Machine F16 F20 F35 F20A-3D

The EcoFlex “F” series fiber laser pipe cutting machine is a versatile, cost-effective, and durable laser tube cutting machine. Golden Laser supports an optional auto feeder and a 3D laser cutting head. It is the tool of choice for the metal fabrication industry.


  • Large plate welding bed is stable and durable for more than ten years
  • 1 machine>3 sawing machines+ 2 punching machines
  • It’s the best entry-level metal processing tool
  • Pipe diameter range: φ 20mm (0.78″)- 350mm (13.77″ ) ; □ 20mm*20mm (0.78″) – 245mm*245mm (9.64″)

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An overview of the benefits you gain from our laser tube cutting machines.

We offer you the ideal solutions for the world of laser tube cutting. Find out here how lasers can eliminate entire process steps while also increasing the range of parts you can produce.

Flexible matchingof various tube types

Round tube, square tube, rectangular, oval tube, I-beam, H-type, etc.

Fscut 5000 digital bus control system

Matching the high-speed servo motor of the bus, the processing is more stable and efficient, the failure rate of the equipment is greatly reduced, and the maintenance of the equipment is more straightforward. At the same time, it is equipped with professional pipe nesting software as standard.

Pneumatic chuck

The pipe is clamped in place with one key, and the clamping force can be adjusted. It is not easy to deform when clamping small tubes and thin tubes, and it is stable and powerful when clamping heavy tubes.

Fully automatic setup (optional)

Automatic material distribution and automatic length measurement.

It has a reliable PLC and visual input and output points, making it easy to quickly find problems.

Double variable diameter wheel support system

  • Variable diameter wheels support the processing end to ensure a more stable cutting process of extended and thinner pipes and avoid pipe bending deformation’s influence on cutting accuracy.
  • A variable diameter wheel supports the end of the tail material to avoid inertial swing caused by the heavy weight of the tailpipe during the processing of ultra-long workpieces, which will cause the deviation of the jitter accuracy of the cutting process.

Increase your productivity with our EcoFlex “F” Series

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine.

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EcoFlex “F” series laser cutting machine is an economical, durable, and versatile laser pipe cutting machine designed for pipe processing

Laser Machine Applications

  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • copper
  • alloy steel
  • galvanized steel
  • metal fence
  • furniture
  • fitness equipment
  • metal fabrication
  • automotive parts
  • bridge supporting
  • steel rail rack
  • steel structure
  • fire control
  • metal racks
  • round tube
  • square tube
  • rectangular tube
  • oval tube
  • OB-type tube
  • C-type tube
  • D-type tube
  • triangle tube
  • angle steel
  • channel steel
  • H-shape steel
  • L-shape steel

Machine Specifications

(“A” means “Auto Feeder” ;
“3D” means “3d laser cut” )

F16 / F16A
F20 / F20A / F20A-3D

Processing pipe size range

Tube length 0- 6000mm

Round tube 10-120mm

Square tube 10*10-120*120

Tube length 0- 6000mm

Round tube 10-160mm

Square tube 10*10-110*110

U profile 14#

I profile 16#

Tube length 0- 6000mm

Round tube 10-200mm

Square tube 10*10-140*140

U profile 16#

I profile 16#

Tube length 0- 6000mm

round tube φ20-φ350mm

square tube 20*20-250

U profile 20#

I profile 20#

Tube load bearing


Laser power


Max. acceleration speed


Positioning accuracy


The maximum weight of per tube allowed to be processed


Bundle size

800mm*800mm*6000mm/ 2T

Industries & Applications

We have you covered whether for structure material, auto parts, medical equipment, hardware, outdoor appliances, stainless steel tubes, carbon tubes, or aluminum tubes.


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Magnesiumstraat 19, 6031 RV Nederweert, Netherlands


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