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MEGA Series

4 Chucks Heavy Laser Tube Cutting Machine Mega4

GoldenLaser heavy-duty laser tube cutter Mega4, widely used in heavy industry, building structural steel, oil pipelines, engineering machinery, steel buildings, street lights, etc.


  • High power and heavy-duty
  • Especially for ultra-long and heavy metal structural material processing
  • For up to 12 m loading and 12m unloading system, 1200 kg load
  • 4 chucks, 0 tailings
  • 2d laser cutting or 3d laser cut optional

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An overview of the benefits you gain from our cnc pipe laser cutting machine.

We offer you the ideal solutions for the world of laser tube cutting. Find out here how lasers can eliminate entire process steps while also increasing the range of parts you can produce.

3D swivel laser cutting head (optional)

  • ±45 Rotated bevel cutting
  • Reduces mechanically moving components and thus guarantees consistently high machining accuracy and best machining results over a long service life, against mechanical damage

4 Heavy-duty, high-capacity pneumatic chucks

  • Change side laser cutting to achieve zero tailing and adapt to different cutting needs through different combination cutting forms
  • With strong clamping force and convenient operation, you can adjust the clamping force of the chuck according to different pipe materials
  • Chuck ability up to 350mm diameter

Ultra-long and powerful capability

Support the whole pipe 12 meters loading and the longest 12 meters unloading.

Auto feeding and unloading system

Achieve continuous production and improve efficiency, especially suitable for laser cutting of structural material.


Modular disassembly and installation

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy installation for customers
  • The side rail structure saves floor space

Segmented bed

The three-section bed design and unique processing technology ensure stable operation.

Increase your productivity with our MEGA Series Laser Tube Cutting.

View Heavy-duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Specially Designed for Structural Material.

Highlights from the video

Ultra-long pipe carrying capacity

12m tube loading and unloading, suitable for processing extra-long and extra-heavy pipes.

4 Heavy-duty pneumatic chucks

The chuck side-hung structure is more suitable for working with an auto feeder to transport raw materials. The segmented machine bed facilitates on-site assembly by customers.

3D laser cutting or 2D laser cut mode

You can choose from the German LT ULtra 3D laser cutting head or Golden Laser brand, also 2D laser cutting head is optional.

Extend large tube capability

Supports the selection of larger chucks, up to ∅450mm, to meet your needs for ultra-large diameter laser cutting.

Laser Tube Machine Applications

  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • copper
  • alloy steel
  • galvanized steel
  • oil exploration
  • bridge supporting
  • steel rail rack
  • steel structure
  • fire control
  • metal racks
  • agriculture machinery
  • pipes processing
  • round tube
  • square tube
  • rectangular tube
  • oval tube
  • OB-type tube
  • C-type tube
  • D-type tube
  • triangle tube
  • angle steel
  • channel steel
  • H-shape steel
  • L-shape steel

Industries & Applications

We have you covered whether for structure material, auto parts, medical equipment, hardware, outdoor appliances, stainless steel tubes, carbon tubes, or aluminum tubes.

Mega4 / Mega4-3D
Processing pipe size range

round tube φ20-φ350mm

square tube φ20-φ250

U profile 20#

I profile 20#

Tube load bearing


Laser power

3000W- 12000W

Max. acceleration speed


Positioning accuracy


Bundle size

5 pcs at one time / 5T

Bevel head cutting head brand

RAYTOOLS/ LT Ultra Germany

Max. auto loader per tube


Max. rotation speed


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Swivel Laser Head

Germany LT ULTRA or Golden Laser Brand

Dust Removal

The inner wall of the pipe is clean and free of slag, improve the qualified rate of finished products, and reduce the follow-up process.

Weld Identification

Improve the qualified rate of finished products and ensure the stable quality of laser cutting.


+31 40 20 92 448


Magnesiumstraat 19, 6031 RV Nederweert, Netherlands.


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