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Robot Laser Cutting

Precision, automated, felxiblity. 6-axis robot breaks the limitation of laser cutting angle. 3D robot laser cutting can realize dynamic 2D and 3D cutting. The most widely used field of 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine is the design and manufacture of automobile body, such as cutting prototype car parts, cutting holes and trimming of body panels, cutting steering wheel holes, body windshields, roof cover bracket holes, safety airbag parts, hydroformed parts, etc.


Robot Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Features

Our laser machines come with features that maximize their performance. Ask our experts to see what options meet your machining requirements.

Flexible Laser Cutting Angle

The rotatable three-dimensional 6-axis robot arm can flexibly cut metal workpieces with tricky angles

Optional installation methods

You can flexibly install the 3D robot cutting machine according to your processing needs and factory space

2D 3D Laser Cutting

It can not only cut metal pipes, but also cut metal sheets, one machine with multiple functions


Benefits From Our 20 Years Of Experience

  • Multiple patents and successful projects expand our network of industry clients while consistently meeting a large annual quota for over 100 regions.
  • We offer a complete after-sales system for order fulfillment, from documentation to a dedicated platform and experienced staff. With fast response and customer-oriented support, expect the best solutions from our team.
  • Fast and efficient manufacturing capabilities allow us to complete your orders within 30 work days.


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