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Laser Tube Cutting Machines

Laser tube systems are our 2D and 3D laser cutting systems for tubes and profiles, from 10 mm to 350 mm (.4” to 14″) in diameter and up to 12 m (39′) in length. Standard fiber laser pipe cutting machine, or customized fiber laser pipe cutting machine, you can make bold innovations, do not hesitate to let us know your needs.

With its state-of-the-art capabilities, the laser tube cutting machine offers unprecedented flexibility for cutting pipes of various lengths, diameters, and materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and more. This cutting-edge tool can handle complex geometric shapes effortlessly, making it an invaluable asset for the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. From cutting intricate contours to beveling and chamfering pipes with precision, the laser pipe cutting machine is a testament to Golden Laser’s unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Golden Laser’s innovative laser tube cutters offer unrivaled precision, speed and versatility. By incorporating this state-of-the-art solution into their manufacturing processes, businesses can increase productivity, reduce waste and ensure superior quality.


Laser Tube Cutting Machines

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Product Features

Our laser machines come with features that maximize their performance. Ask our experts to see what options meet your machining requirements.

Automatic Loading-Unloading

Automatic loading, clamping, and feeding reduce heavy manual labor and downtime of laser equipment, and greatly improve production efficiency.

±45° High-quality Bevel Cuts

3D laser cutting, swivel laser cutting making seamless splicing easier.

Up to 12 Meters Profiles

Expanded processing possibilities for metal tubes

Fully Automatic Production Line

Based on tube laser and robot, achieve a fully robotic and automated solution that cuts pipes to size with virtually no personnel 24/7.

Docking MES management system

Automated production process

Weld Seam Detection

Avoid weld cutting, making tapping and drilling more accurate.

Automatic Deslagging

Quality outside and inside, no need for secondary cleaning. Improve the qualification rate of finished products.

Environmental friendly

Non-contact cutting, clean, safe and pollution-free.

Works With Any Material

Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, alloy, etc.


Benefits From Our 20 Years Of Experience

  • Multiple patents and successful projects expand our network of industry clients while consistently meeting a large annual quota for over 100 regions.
  • We offer a complete after-sales system for order fulfillment, from documentation to a dedicated platform and experienced staff. With fast response and customer-oriented support, expect the best solutions from our team.
  • Fast and efficient manufacturing capabilities allow us to complete your orders within 30 work days.


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