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Our dedicated support department provides the most comprehensive service package in Europe.

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Magnesiumstraat 19 – 6031 RV Nederweert, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


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Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for all laser machines of Golden Laser. Our dedicated service department is available for expert advice and delivery within 24 hours.

Your laser machines are only as good as the tooling. It is essential to use high-quality spare parts in your metalworking machinery. At Golden Laser Europe we have taken great care in sourcing tooling that meets the highest durability and laser cutting quality standards.

We stock an extensive range of spare parts for current and older machinery. Less common components are no longer available as standard can be manufactured in our dedicated in-house laser machine shop.

We supply a wide range of laser machine spare parts and consumable items:

laser source



protective lens

laser cutting head


high precision rack



laser head

We supply a wide range of laser machine including:

3D 5-axis laser tube cutting machine

Intelligent laser pipe cutting machine

Automatic laser tube cutting machine

Heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine

Cost-effective laser pipe cutter

Round tube laser cutting machine

Midium power laser cutting machine for sheet metal

High power laser cutting machine for plate

Small size laser cutting machine for metal sheet

Precision laser cutting machine

Laser cutting robot

Hand held laser welder

First Perspective

For manufacturer and agent, Golden Laser Europe will supply you technical support for any time, to solve the problem at the first time

if you don’t know how to operate or adjust the machine.

Comprehensive service to solve your doubts

If you are looking for a new tool to promote your metalworking business that won’t cost you more money, Golden Laser machinery is one of the options you won’t resist. Laser cutting and laser welding technology are widely used processes in metalworking.

Magnesiumstraat 19 – 6031 RV Nederweert, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


+31 40 20 92 448

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