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Fiber Laser Cutting Head Maintenance

If your fiber laser cutting head needs repair, please contact Golden Laser Europe to ensure your laser cutting head is professionally assessed, repaired and maintained.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Head Maintenance

As we all know, one of the essential components of a fiber laser cutting machine is the laser cutting head. The laser cutting head has the characteristics of high precision and high price. Optical components play a vital role in the components of a laser cutting head.

Golden Laser Europe provides professional fiber optic cutting head repair services, including optics repair. Don’t hesitate to contact us at +31 40 20 92 448 to learn more about our laser services and how to maintain your fiber laser cutting head and laser cutting system.

When does the fiber laser cutting head need maintenance?

Reduced laser cutting speed or quality

Uneven laser cutting or inconsistent results

The nozzle or lens is damaged

There are too many impurities in the fiber laser cutting head

Beam quality is unstable or inconsistent

Fiber laser cutting head maintenance process steps:

Assessment: First, assess the damage to the cutting head and identify the root cause of the problem. This requires a thorough inspection of the cutting head and its components. (Motor performance testing, cutting head air tightness testing)

Maintenance: After the assessment is completed, the maintenance process begins. This may involve replacing damaged components such as lenses, nozzles, or cutter heads, cleaning the cutting head, or making other necessary repairs.

Test: After the repair is completed, use a professional cutting head verification platform to simulate the on-site cutting movement of the cutting head for post-maintenance testing to ensure that it meets the required specifications and performs extremely well.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the cutting head is crucial to prevent future damage and ensure optimal performance. This may involve cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance tasks.

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