Why Extra Large Capacity Laser Cutting Machine H16 H24?

Golden Laser unique modular design of Extra Large Capacity Laser Cutting Machines, such as the H16 and H24 models, with an open platform, offers several distinct advantages that cater to the needs of industries dealing with oversized metal sheets.

Open Type with Ground-Orbit Design

  • Versatility in Loading and Unloading: The open structure and floor-rail design facilitate both mechanical and manual loading and unloading of oversized metal sheets. This versatility is crucial for handling large and heavy materials efficiently, reducing the time and labor involved in material handling.
  • Adaptability to Various Workspaces: The open platform design allows the machine to be more easily integrated into different workspace layouts, accommodating the specific logistical and operational needs of various facilities.

Flexible Expansion

  • Customizable Processing Formats: The segmented modular workbench design enables customers to select and expand their processing formats according to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for the handling of a wide range of material sizes and shapes, making the machine suitable for a variety of projects and industries.
  • Unlimited Expansion Potential: The ability to freely and flexibly expand processing formats means that businesses can adapt the machine to future growth or changes in production demands without significant additional investment in new equipment.

Efficient and Safe Operation

  • Enhanced Safety Features: The inclusion of a standard safety light curtain ensures the safe operation of the machine, protecting operators from potential hazards associated with high-power laser cutting.

Rich Processing Capabilities

  • Versatile Bevel Cutting Functions: Support for the expansion of bevel laser cutting, including X-type, Y-type, K-type, A-type, and V-type bevel cutting, enhances the machine’s processing capabilities. This versatility allows for more complex cutting tasks to be performed, expanding the range of products that can be manufactured.

Overall Benefits

  • The unique modular design of the Extra Large Capacity Laser Cutting Machine H16 H24, combined with its open platform and flexible expansion capabilities, offers a comprehensive solution for industries requiring efficient, safe, and versatile cutting of oversized metal sheets. By enabling customizable processing formats, supporting a wide range of cutting tasks, and ensuring operator safety, these machines represent a valuable investment for businesses looking to optimize their large-scale cutting operations.

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