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Compact “C” Series

Precision Laser Cutting Machine C06

Precision laser cutting machine C06 is efficient, high-precision, and suitable for small and thin sheet metal. The processing efficiency is 20% higher than that of traditional machine tools, the positioning accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the acceleration can reach 2G, meeting the needs of high-precision metal processing.


  • Working area: 600*600mm
  • Closed structure and high-precision laser cutting
  • Safety: Laser Class 3R – safe in all conditions, no additional protection required.
  • Certifications: CE – Complies with all laser machine directives.

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An overview of the benefits you gain from our fiber laser cutting machines.

We offer you the ideal solutions for the world of metal laser cutting. Find out here how lasers can eliminate entire process steps while also increasing the range of parts you can produce.

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Stable laser equipment structure

The overall rigidity is good, and the strength is high. The base is made of Jinan blue marble, and the beam is made of an extruded aluminum profile, which has good acceleration performance and effectively prevents structural deformation. The weight of the device is about 1.5T.

Marble structure

The frame adopts a marble structure with good overall rigidity and high strength; the beam body adopts a lightweight design and has good acceleration performance. A CNC gantry milling machine precisely processes it to ensure accurate movement.


AheadTechs intelligent CNC system

The open motion control platform integrating motion control, PLC, and HMI can be effectively applied to various laser processing. The EtherCAT bus-based AheadTechs numerical control system (AheadTechs) greatly improves the flexibility and scalability of the equipment. Make smart factories and equipment interconnection possible.

Vision processing positioning function (optional)

Vision inspection systems use software to process images. The software employs algorithmic tools to help analyze the pictures. Use the visual camera to complete the search for mark points. Sampling is carried out, and the piece is finished to locate the mark point. Processing according to the group After the graphics are processed, you can adopt processing and non-processing methods for the currently set group. The group that needs to be processed is presently set to be processed, and the group that does not need to be processed is assigned to be not processed. Effectively avoid thermal deformation accuracy errors caused by cutting.


Precision linear motor

  • “Zero transmission,” high rigidity, the linear motor is directly connected to the load; therefore, there is no transmission gap between the motor and the load and no flexibility. When the linear motor drives the load to move, the motor shows Very high dynamic stiffness.
  • High system dynamic performance: In addition to high-speed capability, linear motors have incredibly high acceleration, which is only limited by the system rail and load.
  • With extremely smooth operation and extremely high positioning accuracy, direct drive linear motors have shallow thrust and speed fluctuations suitable for smooth motion requirements. Positioning accuracy is limited only by the resolution of the feedback. Usually, sub-micron resolution is achievable.

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Especially Design for Thin and Small Size Plate

Working Area


Laser power

1500W- 3000W

X Y axis max idle speed


X Y axis max acceleration speed


Position accuracy


Dust extraction system

Professional laser dust extraction filter

Laser Source

IPG/ MAX/ Raycus

Laser  head


Industries & Applications

We have you covered whether for structure material, auto parts, medical equipment, hardware, outdoor appliances, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, brass, alloy, or aluminum.



+31 40 20 92 448


Magnesiumstraat 19, 6031 RV Nederweert, Netherlands.


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