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SIMTOS (Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show) is a significant trade fair held biennially in Seoul, South Korea. It’s one of the largest exhibitions of manufacturing technologies.

SIMTOS is an internationally renowned event that draws participants from around the globe, including exhibitors, buyers, industry experts, and visitors interested in the latest innovations in manufacturing technology. The fair provides a comprehensive overview of emerging trends in the industry, showcasing a wide array of advanced machinery for metal and other material processing, automation systems, precision technologies, robotics, molding, tools, software, and innovative solutions for industrial production.

What are you concerned about SIMOTS 2024?

Exhibit: Intelligent 3D 5-axis laser pipe cutting machine i25A-3D

Booth No.: 09G810

Time: April 1 – April 5, 2024

Address: Korea International Exhibition Center, 217-59 Kintekseu-ro, Seoul, Korea

Golden Laser will exhibit an intelligent 3D 5-axis laser pipe cutting machine i25A-3D, a high-speed automatic laser cutting machine, and a smart laser cutting machine for metal tubes and profiles in SIMTOS 2024, which will bring you better quality and experience. Golden Laser sincerely invite you to join us at SIMTOS 2024 (Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show).

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SIMTOS 2024 Korea will be held on 1-5 April 2024. It is Korea’s largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition.
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