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eXchange “X” Series

Laser Sheet and Tube Cutting Machine X3t

The eXchange “X3t” series laser cutting machine can achieve efficient non-stop processing, high-quality results, and one laser machine dual-uses. Easy installation and low transportation costs. It can also meet the efficient cutting of various types of pipes. Golden Laser supports customized services.


Laser sheet and tube cutting on a single machine, with the performance of two dedicated systems.

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An overview of the benefits you gain from our fiber laser cutting machines.

We offer you the ideal solutions for the world of metal laser cutting. Find out here how lasers can eliminate entire process steps while also increasing the range of parts you can produce.

Full enclosed design to reduce radiation

Laser cutting is hazardous; radiation is the primary hazard, and the main target of radiation is the human eye and skin. If it is in direct contact, it will cause irreversible damage.

The fully enclosed design, including the top of the unit, effectively shields all visible lasers from the laser cutting process. Provide laser radiation protection to all personnel who have access to the equipment.

Automatic lift door

  • Prevent laser light leakage
  • Create a closed cutting environment for easy dust and smoke removal
  • dust-free cutting ofr highly reflective materials

Quick interchangeable laser cutting of sheet metal and tubing

One machine for two purposes, saving time and cost

Durable and thickened steel plate welded machine bed

We adopted a more costly full-welded structure for the main machine bed. The thickness of the steel plate is up to 18 mm. The machine tool has better rigidity and is less prone to deformation. The stability of the machine tool is higher, the weight of the equipment is heavier, and the overall service life is increased. Guarantee the machine’s stabilization and cutting accuracy for long-term use.

Roller shutter protection

Enclosed design , even in the ceiling , which can protect operation from high laser power radiation, cater to international laser safety request Class One.

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One laser machine, dual-uses for sheet laser cutting and tube laser cutting

Increase your productivity with our eXchange “X” Series Laser Tube Cutting.

Industries & Applications

Applicable to 1500W ~ 8000W medium power fiber laser cutting machine, widely used in fabricating industries of metal workpieces, automotive parts, kitchen utensils, lamps, cabinets, and more.

Working Area


Laser power

1500W-3000W/ 4000W-8000W

Acceleration speed


X Y axis max acceleration speed


Position accuracy


Dust extraction system

Professionallaser dust extraction filter

Laser Source

IPG/ MAX/ Raycus

Tube length

3m or 6m optional

Need to Customize Your Featured Laser Machines?

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3M or 6M tube cutting ability optional

The pipe is partially free-standing and the high-speed cutting pipe is more stable.

Dust extraction system

Professional laser dust extraction filter (optional). Reduce pollution, environmental protection, improve yield.

Safety grating

Safety protection, when someone breaks into the operating part of the equipment, the laser cutting machine will pause.


+31 40 20 92 448


Magnesiumstraat 19 – 6031 RV Nederweert, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


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