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Below is a complete overview of the different laser machines supplied by Golden Laser Europe. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of laser cutting and welding machines to solutions. From laser machines for flexibility and customization to full-fledged laser machines for production applications. In addition to standard laser machines, Golden Laser Europe also provides custom laser machines and custom solutions. Contact us to see what Golden Laser Europe can do for your application.

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Fiber lasers are specially designed to rapidly cut or engrave a large number of metals. Thick steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbons steel galvanized steel, brass, titanium, copper, etc.

Laser Tube Cutting Machines

There are several factors to consider if you are in the market for a fiber laser cutting machine. Will it be used for your metal fabrication or steel structure business?

3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A-3D i35A-3D

• swivel laser cutting ±45°

• 3D cutting mode

• meet with CE standards

• tube ∅ Range min. 0.78″ (20mm) – max. 13.77″ (350mm)

• CE certification

• digital, intelligent and automated, the most complete functions and the highest configuration

Small Diameter Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12plus S16plus

• perfectly solve the tube ∅ Range min. 0.39″ (10 mm) – max. 6.29″ (160 mm)

• 2D cut or 3D cutting mode optional

• automatic loading and unloading

• ultra high efficiency, max rotated speed up to 150r/min

4 Chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine Mega4

• born for heavy duty and ultra-long tube processing

• Tubes up to ∅ 13.77″ / 17.7″ (350 mm / 450 mm)

• 2D cut or 3D cutting mode optional

• tail length: 0mm

• load weight: max 4.5t

• ultra capability: 12m loading and 12m unloading

Smart Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A i35A

• fully automatic, save worry and effort

• 2D cut

• digital, intelligent, and automated

• tubes up to ∅ 13.77″ (350 mm)

Cost-Effective Laser Tube Cutting Machine F16 F20 F35 F20A-3D

• low investment, hign ROI

2D cut and 3d laser cutting optional

Tubes up to ∅ 6.3″ / 7.87″ / 13.77″ (160 mm / 200 mm) / 350 mm)

Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12R

• born for round pipes truncating

• 2D cut

• Tubes up to ∅ 17.7″ (120 mm)

• automatic loading and unloading

Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

Closed fiber lasers. Maximum safety for your operator: when the laser is on, it can never be exposed to laser light.

Qualitatively, these laser machines can compete with the metal cutters of the large German laser, but at a significantly lower purchase cost.

Precision Laser Cutting Machine C06

small size, big power

• special for thin plates and highly reflective materials

• power up to 3kW

Compact Laser Cutting Machine C15

1500*1000mm table size

CE standard

• available models 1510 and 2010

power up to 4kW

Single Worktable Laser Cutting Machine C30

Work area 118″ x 59″ (3,000 x 1,500 mm)

small footprint, flexible placement

power up to 6kW

Huge Laser Cutting Machine H16 H24

• work area from 98″ x 630″ to 137″ x 944″ (2,500 x 16,000 to 3,500 x 24,000 mm)

• power up to 30kW

• modular workbench

• for ultra-large and ultra-thick steel plates processing

Economical Laser Cutting Machine X3

• whole machine delivery without disassembly, easy

to install and lower shipping


• power up to 12kW

Medium-Power Laser Cutting Machine X3plus

• CE certification

• 1500W- 8000W

• exchange double worktables

Golden Laser classic products

Automatic Laser Cutting Machine U3

• automatic nozzle cleaning and automatic calibration

matching the material tower to achieve unmanned automatic loading and unloading

• power up to 30kW

High-Power Laser Cutting Machine M4 M6 M8 M12

• high power up to 30kW

• large-format work area from 78″ x 157″ to 118″ x 472″ (2,000 x 4,000 to 3,000x 12,000 mm)

• powerful capacity of up to 60mm thick

Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine X3t

• dual-uses for cutting sheet metal and tube

• power up to 6kW

support customized workbench size

Haven’t you decided which product is right for you yet?

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Robotic Laser Machine

Robot Laser Cutter RN16 RN18 RN26

• gantry type

laser cutting for metal sheet and


dual- uses for 2D cut and 3D cutting mode

6 Axis Robot Laser Cutter RV16 RV18 RV26

RV• stand robot laser cutter

• most applicable for auto parts

Multi-station Robot Laser Cutter RE16 RE18 RE26

• enclosed Type

• multi-station

• specializes in laser cutting


3 in 1 Hand Held Metal Laser Welding Machine W15 W20 W30

• multifunctional for laser welding, laser cutting, and laser cleaning

3D Robot Laser Welding Machine R1800

• 5- 10 times faster than traditional welding machine

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Laser Accessories

Resupply your laser equipment in time

Golden Laser Partners

Give your metalworking the best possible experience

From first consulting to application tests with your metal materials in specific industries to training for users and worldwide service – Goldenlaser offers comprehensive laser solutions, not only a single machine!

Latest Technology

Golden Laser has a professional R&D team, keeps pace with the times, pays close attention to market demand, keeps innovating, technology changes productivity

Factory Testing

Every fiber laser cutting machine or fiber laser welding machine manufactured by Golden Laser will undergo strict testing before leaving the factory, and will only be shipped after passing the test

CE Certification

Conforms to CE standard, safe and secure

First Class Accessories

Our laser machines are all made up of the world’s top accessories, whether it is software or hardware, there is no need to worry about after-sales issues


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