STOM-TOOL, Kielce Poland 2024 Invitation

Industrial Spring – one of Europe’s industry-leading exhibitions returns in March 2024! Welcome!

Golden Laser, is a global leader in metal fabrication laser solutions for various industries. We are delighted to announce its participation in the highly anticipated STOM-TOOL, Kielce Poland 2024.

STOM-TOOL is renowned as an Industrial Spring. This exhibition covers the fields of BLECH & CUTTING – LASER – ROBOTICS – FIX, Welding, Expo-Surface, Fluid Power, Control-Stom, and 3D Printing Days.

Golden Laser’s participation in the STOM-TOOL 2024 in Kielce, Poland, marks a significant milestone for the company and the metal fabrication industry. As a global leader in providing laser solutions for metal fabrication, Golden Laser’s presence at this event underscores its commitment to innovation, quality, and advancing laser technology in industrial applications.

STOM-TOOL is one of the premier trade shows in Europe for the metal processing, tooling, and machining industry. It attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world, offering a platform for showcasing the latest technologies, networking with industry professionals, and exploring new business opportunities. For Golden Laser, this event presents an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate its cutting-edge products and services to a global audience, including its latest advancements in laser cutting, welding, and automated production technologies.

Golden Laser’s participation in STOM-TOOL 2024 is expected to highlight several key areas:

Innovation: Showcasing the latest innovations in laser technology for metal fabrication, including high-precision cutting, advanced automation solutions, and energy-efficient models that cater to various industrial needs.

Customization: Demonstrating the company’s capability to provide customized solutions tailored to specific industry requirements, enhancing productivity, and operational efficiency for clients.

Sustainability: Highlighting the sustainable aspects of laser technology, such as reduced energy consumption and minimal waste production, aligning with global efforts towards environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Global Reach: Reinforcing Golden Laser’s position as a global leader in the metal fabrication industry, capable of serving clients worldwide with its comprehensive range of laser solutions.

Golden Laser’s showcase of the laser tube cutting machine i25A-3D, at STOM-TOOL 2024, is set to be a highlight of their participation in the event. This machine represents the pinnacle of innovation in laser technology for metal fabrication, particularly in the processing of tubes and profiles.

Exhibits: Golden Laser 3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A-3D

Time: 19-22.03.2024

Address: Targi Kielce Exhibition & Congress Centre,

Zakładowa 1, 25672 Kielce, Œwiêtokrzyskie, Poland

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce’s trade shows.


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