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High Precision Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine with 3 Chucks

Why 3-chuck Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12plus?

• High Speed and Efficiency: The high-speed laser pipe cutting machine S12plus operates at 150r/min and has high efficiency, making it ideal for large-scale production.
• 3-Chuck Mode: Ensures higher tube cutting accuracy, especially when dealing with long workpieces or pipes. The three chucks provide more stable laser cutting and clamping.
• Fully Automatic: S12plus pipe laser cutter offers fully automatic mode processing, rewinding, and unloading, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.
• Flexible Material Collection: Allows for material collection in sections according to the length of the pipe. It offers three modes: short material, medium long material, and long material.
• Bus Cutting System: This system displays the real-time processing process and allows for dynamic monitoring.
• Special Clamping Chuck: Automatic laser tube cutting machine S12plus is equipped with a special clamping chuck for small tubes, ensuring precise and secure clamping.
• Center-Seeking Cutting: Improves the pipe-cutting accuracy of small tubes (∅10-120mm), especially those that lack rigidity or are deformed.
Power Curve: Enhances the fine-cutting quality of small tubes, ensuring a smooth and precise cut.
• Follow-up Material Receiving: Ensures that the cut tubes are properly collected and sorted, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

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