Difference Between Heavy-duty Laser Pipe Cutting Machine and H Beam Cutting Machine

MEGA Series Laser Tube Cutter


H Beam Cutting Machine

A fiber laser tube cutting machine uses active optical fibers to create a laser beam and a transport fiber to transmit this to the machine’s cutting head. This super-hot laser is condensed down to a narrow beam and is used to cut through metals of various thicknesses.

H beam cutting machine is a plasa machine dedicated to the production of steel structures.

Machine Specifications

Modular in design, our well-renowned AutoMater series boasts optimal efficiency and maximum output with customizable features to suit your unique market needs.


MEGA Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine


H Beam Cutting Machine3, 2018

• round, square, oval tubes, H-shaped tubes, channel steel, angle iron, special-shaped tubes, etc.
• stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, iron, etc.
• mainly H-shaped steel, also for channel steel, angle iron, and flat plates
• carbon steel
pipe rotation, fixed laser cutting head

Cutting Mode

pipe is fixed and the laser head rotates for cutting

Pipe Working Area

width ≤ 1000mm height ≤ 450mm

Single pipe load bearing55-0140

6000mm-12000mm customized

Pipe Length

≤26000mm customized

Single pipe load bearing55-0140


Laser Power

12kW- 30kW
optional √

Bevel- Cutting0

standard √
wrap-around cuts

Features of Cutting

three-sided cutting



Maximum Positioning Speed

chain loader and unloader; supports manual loading

Loading and Unloading Method


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